6 Great Examples Of Edinburgh Stone Architecture & Masonry

From its commanding castle and medieval wynds to rows of Victorian terraces and fine traditional tenements, when it comes to architecture Edinburgh has it all.

Building the New Town

Although people had been building in stone for many centuries by the time plans for Edinburgh’s New Town were approved in 1767, it was in many ways a great step forward. Working on historic stone buildings in the city today, carrying out stone repairs and lovingly rebuilding the steps, facades and carving work of the Georgian and Victorian era, it’s impossible not to marvel at the scope of the original project.

Restoring City’s Stone Buildings

RS Masonry founder and owner Ross Sutherland writes about learning his trade and why he set up a specialist stone restoration company after serving his apprenticeship.

Edinburgh: City of Stone

Edinburgh is famous for its stone buildings, and rightly so. In the Old and New Towns, it boasts one of the finest ranges of stone buildings anywhere in the world. The city’s very durability owes a debt of thanks to the local stone available. But it is not just the stone used for construction that has shaped Edinburgh. The very landscape on which it sits, and arguably its status as Scottish capital, have been shaped by stone.