Lime Mortar Pointing

All Lime Mortar Pointing Work Done to High Standard

In Scotland, many people are lucky enough to live in fantastic heritage buildings, full of character, history and style. However, these stone buildings need special treatment if they are to remain beautiful, lovable homes for generations to come.

The use of lime mortar is a traditional but very effective way of building with stone: it has no peers when it comes to dealing with the rigours of the Scottish climate. Lime-based buildings expand, contract and flex with changes in temperature and moisture.

Every so often, though, the pointing in a traditional stone wall will need re-working. A nicely re-pointed wall looks great and adds strength to keep the building structurally sound.

At RS Masonry, we cover all aspects of pointing using lime mortar, and highly recommend its use as it offers more advantages than a modern cement-based mortar. We are experts in lime mortar pointing and will take the time to find the right shade and strength of mortar, to ensure a great looking finish and a durable job.

Why Use Lime Mortar?

Lime mortar pointing works by allowing moisture that has entered the walls to evaporate through the mortar joints in preference to the stone, preventing water build-up which leads to gradual decay, dampness and more unnecessary repairs.

On a purely visual note, a sympathetically pointed wall looks wonderful and can enhance the character of a building.

Our Pointing Services Include:

  • Stone Walling
  • Stone Houses & Tenements
  • Flag stones & steps
  • Chimneys
  • Replacement of cement pointing
  • Gables

Lime Mortar Pointing

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