Lithomex Stone Repairs

Repairing Damaged Stone Work

Traditional stone buildings and walls are extremely durable – but even a Laird’s castle starts to look a little worn after a few hundred years.

Happily, we can repair superficially damaged stone sympathetically so that it looks great and its weatherproof properties are fully restored.

At RS Masonry we only use Lithomex in our stone repair work. Lithomexis a lime-based stone repair mortar, which we believe gives the highest standard of repair.

What is a stone repair?

A stone repair is required when the structural integrity of a piece of stone is intact, but the face of the stone has started to weather. You can recognise a wall in need of stone repair when the outside face of some or all of the blocks is visibly being eroded, or weathered to the point that softer stone is being exposed and damaged.

Repairing damaged stone work begins by identifying and understanding the reasons for decay. The usual reasons are excessive exposure to moisture, and natural decay over time. At RS Masonry, we will pinpoint the problems causing your stone wall to weather excessively, and can help you ensure your fine old stone buildings stand proud for centuries.

Why Lithomex

Lithomex is a lime based stone repair mortar which has the same charistics as stone. It is flexible, porous, and lets the building breathe. It can be colour-matched to an existing stone or surface, and it can also be used to replicate existing moulded stonework to restore old buildings back to their full glory. When applied by skilled craftsmen, it lends itself to the perfect match.

Lithomex is by far the most cost effective way to repair weathered and spalling stonework.

Our lithomex stone repair services include:

  • Cornicing
  • Lintels
  • Mullions
  • Window sills
  • Moulded stonework
  • Stone quions
  • Bay windows
  • Ashlar
  • Rubble
  • All weathered stone

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Lithomex Stone Repairs

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