Stone Walling

Stone Walls Re-Pointed, Repaired and Rebuilt.

Is there a grander way to mark a boundary than a good old Scottish stone wall?

Stone walls are practical, durable and beautiful. Provided you have to look after it now and again, a stone wall will stand for centuries: Re-pointing will ensure a wall stays strong and looks great. If you have inherited a wall that is in poor repair, we can also help by sympathetically restoring it.

At RS Masonry, we love stone and we’re experts at working with it. Whether you have an old stone wall that needs some attention; a wall that has part collapsed and needs re-building; or you want to build from scratch in the traditional style; we can do it!

Why Choose Us?

RS Masonry has a wealth of experience in restoring boundary walls, whether it be re-pointing or rebuilding a damaged section.

We take great pride in ensuring that the repairs to your walling blend in seamlessly to its surroundings. We achieve this by studying surrounding walls and taking time when rebuilding to make sure we work in the same meticulous way as the original masons – using traditional materials and methods.

New Walls Built Traditionally

If you require a newly built wall, we can source local reclaimed stone and build a wall with the same character of a traditional Victorian stone wall. This is still a great choice today!

Our Walling Services:

  • Re-pointing of walls using lime mortar
  • Rebuilding of damaged sections and full rebuilds
  • Newly Built Walls
  • Repairs to brick walling
  • New walls build out of modern materials
  • Gate pillars
Repairs to Boundary Walls

Lime Mortar Pointing

Lithomex Stone Repairs

Stone Walling